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The Sick Man of NATO (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 08.04.2019   By Galip Dalay   Though it has been a NATO member since 1952, Turkey has long been a source of friction within the larger Western defense framework, owing to its unique history, geostrategic position, and domestic politics. But by actively pursuing closer economic and security ties with Russia, Turkey is testing its allies' tolerance like never before. OXFORD – As NATO marks the 70th anniversary of its founding, it is confronting a crisis unique in its history....   прочети повече

NATO’s Stoltenberg Paradox (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 08.04.2019   By Bogdan Klich   The United States and its European NATO allies disagree on many important issues, but their cooperation within the Alliance is better than it has been in years. Poland and the rest of NATO’s Eastern flank in particular hope that this paradox persists. WARSAW – As it turns 70, NATO is facing its most severe challenges since the Cold War ended nearly three decades ago. The Alliance has been rocked by Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and...   прочети повече

Here are the most socialistic - and most capitalistic - Democrats running for president (Yahoo Finance)

България, балканите и света 07.04.2019   By Rick Newman   Sen. Elizabeth Warren insists she’s a capitalist who “sees the value of markets.” But an exclusive Yahoo Finance analysis of her policy proposals puts her on the more socialistic edge of the Democratic field, barely to the right of Bernie Sanders. Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, by contrast, has resisted efforts to label him a capitalist. Yet he lands at the more capitalistic end of the Yahoo Finance analysis, along...   прочети повече

Toward European Strategic Autonomy (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 07.04.2019   By Volker Perthes   Far from being an abstract concept, European strategic autonomy has huge practical implications, especially in military and economic terms. Realizing this goal will make Europe more prosperous, secure, and influential in a rapidly changing world. BERLIN – How, and to what extent, can Europe rely on itself for its wellbeing, security, and international influence? Global power shifts, geopolitical uncertainties, and doubts about the reliability of the...   прочети повече

Japan - A quiet geo-economic giant

България, балканите и света 03.04.2019   By Dr. Masahiro MATSUMURA   In the turbulent world politics involving extensive international coverage, stable and humdrum Japan does not have much of a presence. Yet, Japan is the world’s largest creditor nation while continuously playing significant roles in trade, direct investment and economic assistance. Japan in the background has reinforced itself as a leading geo-economic power while having almost thoroughly eliminated its huge non-performing loans in the...   прочети повече

The Sino-US Trade War – Why China can’t win it

България, балканите и света 27.03.2019   By Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarević   Does our history only appear overheated, but is essentially calmly predetermined? Is it directional or conceivable, dialectic and eclectic or cyclical, and therefore cynical? Surely, our history warns. Does it also provide for a hope? Hence, what is in front of us: destiny or future? One of the biggest (nearly schizophrenic) dilemmas of liberalism, ever since David Hume and Adam Smith, was an insight into reality; whether the world is...   прочети повече

EU is not Europe (Center for Financial Studies, Goethe University)

България, балканите и света 21.03.2019   By Vaclav Klaus   Many thanks for the invitation and for the opportunity to address this very distinguished audience. My thanks go especially to Otmar Issing, the President of the Center for Financial Studies, who asked me to deliver this year´s CFS Presidential Lecture. Thank you. It is a great honour for me. When I looked at the list of the past speakers in this series, I was not at all sure if someone like me who spent the last thirty years in the political arena...   прочети повече

The New Face of Terrorism in 2019 (Foreign Policy)

България, балканите и света 20.03.2019   By Vera Mironova   Forget the Middle East—it’s time to prepare for attacks from the former Soviet Union. The way Westerners think about Islamist terrorism has grown dangerously outdated. For decades, officials have focused on attacks launched by Middle Easterners. Today, however, the real threat increasingly comes from further east. In the former Soviet states and beyond, militants who once harbored mostly local grievances are turning their attention to the...   прочети повече

The EU’s Next Big Election Is Heading for Disaster (ForeignPolicy)

България, балканите и света 20.03.2019   By James Traub   If nationalists keep the momentum in the run-up to the European Parliament elections, the EU will never be the same again. The language of the European Union’s Treaty of Lisbon, its last major constitutional document, is so insistently moral that one can almost lose sight of its practical details. “The Union,” it states, “is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect...   прочети повече

Denmark in a State of Unreported Collapse (Gatestone Institute)

България, балканите и света 20.03.2019   By Ole Hasselbalch   The official statistical definition of "descendants" includes only the first generation after the person who migrated to Denmark. So the official figures do not show the real picture. If the population statistics continue to follow that pattern, ethnic Danes -- whose birthrate is far lower than that of non-Western immigrants -- will become a minority sometime around the year 2065. According to a 2017 report by Statistics Denmark, only about...   прочети повече