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Emmanuel Macron’s Balkan Betrayal

България, балканите и света 11.11.2019   By Christopher R. Hill   French President Emmanuel Macron's decision to block Albania and North Macedonia's EU-membership bids has brought a symbolic end to the post-1989 era. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, both European and US leaders had recognized that an orderly expansion of the European project is key to European peace and prosperity. DENVER – Since the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago, Western leaders have consistently maintained that there are no...   прочети повече

How to Deal with a Declining Russia

България, балканите и света 10.11.2019   By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.   It seems unlikely that Russia will again possess the resources to balance US power in the same way that the Soviet Union did during the four decades after World War II. But declining powers merit as much diplomatic attention as rising ones do. TOKYO – The Kremlin is on a roll. Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has replaced the United States in Syria, continues to intervene in Eastern Ukraine, and recently hosted an African summit in Sochi....   прочети повече

The Hardening of Soft Power

България, балканите и света 09.11.2019   By Zaki Laïdi   For decades, the distinction between hard and soft power offered a framework for dividing the world between governments seeking mutually beneficial cooperation and those bent on zero-sum gains. But now that the traditional tools of soft power are increasingly being used as a means of coercion, the old rules no longer apply. PARIS – International-relations theorists generally distinguish between soft and hard power. Soft power refers to the exercise...   прочети повече

Revolutions for Whom?

България, балканите и света 09.11.2019   By kristen r. Ghodsee , mitchell a. Orenstein   As liberal elites both East and West commemorate the peaceful end of the Cold War and celebrate the successes of the last three decades, it is important to recognize how painful the post-communist transition was – and, for many, continues to be. That is why nostalgia for the economic security and social stability of the authoritarian past is growing. PHILADELPHIA – “No one will be worse off than...   прочети повече

In memoriam

България, балканите и света 26.10.2019   Dear Confrères, Dear Consoeurs, It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the death of our Confrère Alexander Yankov (1924-2019). Throughout his career, Mr Yankov has held several positions, including as Professor of International Law at the University of Sofia (Bulgaria), Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Ambassador, Member and President of the International Law Commission, Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, President of the...   прочети повече

Is the Balkans splitting the EU apart?

България, балканите и света 25.10.2019   By Pyotr Iskenderov   The European Union is going through a serious internal crisis over the prospects of its further expansion, with the main line of confrontation running between Paris and Berlin. On October 15, France, backed by Denmark and the Netherlands, blocked the EU's decision to start negotiations concerning the admission of Albania and Northern Macedonia. Germany and other EU members opposed the move as unfounded, citing previous decisions by the European...   прочети повече

Europe Needs a Migration Reset (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 02.10.2019   By Claus Sørensen   The new European Commission under President Ursula von der Leyen must regain control over migration while respecting the dignity of those seeking a better life. To do this, it needs to reset the European Union’s approach in four areas, mobilizing member states in the European interest. BRUSSELS – More than 900 migrants trying to reach Europe have drowned in the Mediterranean so far this year. Meanwhile, the rescue ships Open Arms and...   прочети повече

What’s Right About France’s Overtures Toward Russia? (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 01.10.2019   By Dominique Moisi   French President Emmanuel Macron's new policy of engagement toward Russia carries significant risks – not least because Russia persists in the behaviors that caused its relations with Europe to deteriorate in the first place. But seeking a rapprochement makes more sense than persisting with failed Western efforts at containment. PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron is convinced that now is the right time to reset relations...   прочети повече

The Mainstreaming of Corruption (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 01.10.2019   By Sławomir Sierakowski   Unethical behavior by populist parties across the West has forced traditional parties to abandon their own moral standards. And the evidence suggests that if mainstream politicians want to try to beat populists at their own corrupt game, their supporters will reward them for it. WARSAW – As we have seen in recent years, domination by a populist party can lead to the deep polarization of an electorate. But it also erodes the ethical fabric of...   прочети повече

Who Should Hold Europe’s Arms? (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 30.09.2019   By Sophia Besch   Although the EU has one of the world's strongest arms-export frameworks, the rules are not enforced. If Europe is to have any chance of deepening defense cooperation, let alone creating a defense union, that must change. BERLIN – Earlier this year, Germany decided – over the objections of France and the United Kingdom – to extend its arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, reflecting concerns about the legality of the Saudi-led...   прочети повече