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What’s Freezing Europe-Russia Relations? (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 30.09.2019   By Joschka Fischer   French President Emmanuel Macron is right to worry about the disintegration of the global arms-control regime and a Russia that is increasingly tied to China. But given that the divide between Russia and the European Union is over fundamental values, there is no reason to think that the relationship can be improved anytime soon. BERLIN – Although the European Union and Russia are part of the same landmass, they don’t have all that much in...   прочети повече

When America’s President Can’t be Trusted (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 29.09.2019   By Kent Harrington   US President Donald Trump's efforts to bury a whistleblower complaint that has been referred to Congress by the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community offers an early indication of what to expect in the 2020 presidential campaign. If US intelligence agencies do not toe Trump's line, they will become Public Enemy #1 for his base.  ATLANTA – The White House is trying to prevent the House Permanent Select Committee on...   прочети повече

New Weapons for the ECB (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 29.09.2019   By Yanis Varoufakis   Continued reliance on European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s weapons will probably succeed in keeping quasi-insolvent states and banks afloat. But it will do so only at the expense of deeper stagnation and uglier political tensions. ATHENS – During his tenure as President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi forged a variety of weapons that he deployed to shield the eurozone from menacing deflationary forces. Without...   прочети повече

An Innovation Agenda for Europe (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 28.09.2019   By Manuel Muñiz, Marietje Schaake   The European Union has everything it needs to be a global leader in technology and innovation. The EU’s new leadership team should therefore act immediately to create a strong innovation ecosystem, complete the digital single market, and robustly defend free, open, and rules-based competition. BRUSSELS/MADRID – The European Union’s new leadership team must reform and deepen the bloc and strengthen its global...   прочети повече

What’s Wrong with the News? (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 27.09.2019   By Alexandra Borchardt   The rise of data analytics has made journalists and their editors confident that they know what the people want. Why, then, did almost one-third of respondents to the Reuters Institute’s latest Digital News Report say that they regularly avoid news altogether? OXFORD – The British public can’t get enough news about Brexit – at least, that’s what news platforms’ data analytics say. But, according to the Reuters...   прочети повече

Preventing Cold War II (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 26.09.2019   By Kemal Derviş   At its founding in the aftermath of World War II, the United Nations was conceived above all as the guardian of a rules-based multilateral order that would ensure peace. Today, the UN must play a more active guardianship role – and help prevent another costly and potentially catastrophic superpower conflict. WASHINGTON, DC – When world leaders gather in New York later this month for the annual United Nations General Assembly meetings,...   прочети повече

Ursula von der Leyen’s To-Do List (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 26.09.2019   By Daniela Schwarzer   One of incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's top priorities is “a new push for European democracy.” Strengthening the EU's democratic legitimacy will require her to make sure that the EU delivers on citizens’ expectations, including by cooperating constructively with the European Parliament. BERLIN – When Jean-Claude Juncker became European Commission President five years ago, he confronted...   прочети повече

Germany’s Divided Soul (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 25.09.2019   By  Dalia Marin   Eastern Germans vote, think, and feel differently than western Germans do, as the results of the September 1 regional elections make clear. To help tackle the underlying economic causes of this divide, the federal government should introduce incentives to encourage foreign investment in the east of the country. MUNICH – This November, Germany will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But the country is in a gloomy mood,...   прочети повече

Two Systems, One World (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 23.09.2019   By Joschka Fischer   Like the twentieth-century Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the new rivalry between China and the West is a contest between fundamentally incompatible political systems. And the idea that freedom and democracy will prevail can no longer be taken for granted. BERLIN – With the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall approaching, the issue of freedom has returned to the fore in Moscow and Hong Kong, albeit under...   прочети повече

What Russia Thinks About Multilateralism (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 25.08.2019   By  Alexander Gabuev , Elena Chernenko   While many in the West wring their hands over the plight of the postwar rules-based international order, it is often assumed that Russia would welcome a new era of unilateralism and great-power politics. But in reality, the Russian leadership's perspective on multilateralism is more complicated than that. MOSCOW – When Russians hear paeans to the “rules-based” order, their standard rejoinder is to...   прочети повече