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Is Europe America’s Friend or Foe? (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 30.07.2018   By Jean Pisani-Ferry   Since Donald Trump took office as US president, a new cottage industry in rational theories of his seemingly irrational behavior has developed. On one issue, however, no amount of theorizing has made sense of Trump: his treatment of America's oldest and most reliable ally. PARIS – Since Donald Trump became US president in January 2017, his conduct has been astonishingly erratic, but his policies have been more consistent than foreseen by most...   прочети повече

Macron and the Piranhas (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 30.07.2018   By Bernard-Henri Lévy   Ever since Alexandre Benalla, a now-former security aide to French President Emmanuel Macron, was caught on video beating up demonstrators on May 1, France's populists have been leading a political feeding frenzy. By focusing on Benalla, they hope to bring down another of Europe's few remaining liberal leaders. PARIS – The faults of Alexandre Benalla, a former top security aide to French President Emmanuel Macron who...   прочети повече

Behind Greece’s Deadly Fires (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 29.07.2018   By Yanis Varoufakis   The deadly fires in Greece reflect the vulnerability caused by decades of irresponsible, unregulated development. Still, over the course of the last ten years, Greece has lost many more people to the tragedy caused by the EU establishment than to any flood or wildfire. ATHENS – A biblical calamity befell Attica last Monday. I saw its first sign in the late morning at Athens airport, where I was seeing off my daughter to Australia. A strong whiff...   прочети повече

Europe for Itself (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 27.07.2018   By Mark Leonard   As US President Donald Trump continues to wage war on the American-led international order, Europeans can no longer assume that their interests are synonymous with those of the US. The time has come for the European Union to redefine its interests, and to develop a new strategy for defending them. BERLIN – Donald Trump is the first US president to think that the US-led world order is undermining US interests. Though the current order obviously...   прочети повече

Как научить российских дипломатов «торговать родиной» (Взгляд)

България, балканите и света 22.07.2018   Внешней политике России прочат большие изменения. Президент Путин потребовал, чтобы она стала более «рациональной», в смысле — «экономически ориентированной». Страна должна осваивать новые рынки и преодолевать препятствия для работы своих...   прочети повече

Why the World Cup Mattered (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 20.07.2018   By Dominique Moisi   International sporting events have long managed to transcend geopolitical feuds and animosities, and this year's World Cup in Russia was no exception. The tournament showed that openness, tolerance, and cooperation can be more powerful than chauvinism, populism, and strident forms of nationalism. PARIS – The seventeenth-century philosopher and satirist Jean de La Bruyère once quipped that, “Corneille portrays men as they should be,...   прочети повече

Italy’s Turn Against Europe (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 20.07.2018   By Lucrezia Reichlin   After less than two months in office, Italy's populist government has hit the ground running, by cracking down on immigration and launching an attack on the country's independent civil service. With European Parliament elections approaching next year, what happens in Italy is unlikely to stay in Italy. BOLOGNA – It has been less than two months since the populist Five Star Movement (M5S) and the right-wing League party formed a new...   прочети повече

What Trump Gets Wrong About EU Defense (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 19.07.2018   By Javier Solana   Donald Trump is not the first US president to demand that European countries spend more on their own defense, but he is the first to ignore the value of America's alliances. In fact, with NATO’s European pillar recently strengthened, the US will have an even more reliable defense partner. MADRID – The annual NATO summit this month was the latest installment in a long series of disagreements between US President Donald Trump and...   прочети повече

А есть о чем говорить с американцами? (km.ru)

България, балканите и света 19.07.2018   Автор: Андрей Паршев   Переговоры с США считаются бессмысленными, однако некий взаимный интерес у нас с США все же есть и он может проявиться. Считается, что переговоры с США бессмысленны, и даже не потому, что они не соблюдают договоренностей; просто мы от них...   прочети повече

5 Things to Know About Donald Trump’s Controversial Meeting with Vladimir Putin (People)

България, балканите и света 17.07.2018   By Tierney McAfee   President Donald Trump is facing overwhelming criticism after he publicly accepted Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s denial of interfering in the 2016 presidential election — despite the findings of Trump’s own U.S. intelligence agencies that Putin’s forces launched a cyber attack on the U.S. with the intent of disrupting the election. Following his highly anticipated one-on-one meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Finland,...   прочети повече