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In memoriam

България, балканите и света 26.10.2019   Dear Confrères, Dear Consoeurs, It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the death of our Confrère Alexander Yankov (1924-2019). Throughout his career, Mr Yankov has held several positions, including as Professor of International Law at the University of Sofia (Bulgaria), Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Ambassador, Member and President of the International Law Commission, Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, President of the...   прочети повече

Is the Balkans splitting the EU apart?

България, балканите и света 25.10.2019   By Pyotr Iskenderov   The European Union is going through a serious internal crisis over the prospects of its further expansion, with the main line of confrontation running between Paris and Berlin. On October 15, France, backed by Denmark and the Netherlands, blocked the EU's decision to start negotiations concerning the admission of Albania and Northern Macedonia. Germany and other EU members opposed the move as unfounded, citing previous decisions by the European...   прочети повече

Europe Needs a Migration Reset (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 02.10.2019   By Claus Sørensen   The new European Commission under President Ursula von der Leyen must regain control over migration while respecting the dignity of those seeking a better life. To do this, it needs to reset the European Union’s approach in four areas, mobilizing member states in the European interest. BRUSSELS – More than 900 migrants trying to reach Europe have drowned in the Mediterranean so far this year. Meanwhile, the rescue ships Open Arms and...   прочети повече

What’s Right About France’s Overtures Toward Russia? (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 01.10.2019   By Dominique Moisi   French President Emmanuel Macron's new policy of engagement toward Russia carries significant risks – not least because Russia persists in the behaviors that caused its relations with Europe to deteriorate in the first place. But seeking a rapprochement makes more sense than persisting with failed Western efforts at containment. PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron is convinced that now is the right time to reset relations...   прочети повече

The Mainstreaming of Corruption (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 01.10.2019   By Sławomir Sierakowski   Unethical behavior by populist parties across the West has forced traditional parties to abandon their own moral standards. And the evidence suggests that if mainstream politicians want to try to beat populists at their own corrupt game, their supporters will reward them for it. WARSAW – As we have seen in recent years, domination by a populist party can lead to the deep polarization of an electorate. But it also erodes the ethical fabric of...   прочети повече

Who Should Hold Europe’s Arms? (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 30.09.2019   By Sophia Besch   Although the EU has one of the world's strongest arms-export frameworks, the rules are not enforced. If Europe is to have any chance of deepening defense cooperation, let alone creating a defense union, that must change. BERLIN – Earlier this year, Germany decided – over the objections of France and the United Kingdom – to extend its arms embargo against Saudi Arabia, reflecting concerns about the legality of the Saudi-led...   прочети повече

What’s Freezing Europe-Russia Relations? (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 30.09.2019   By Joschka Fischer   French President Emmanuel Macron is right to worry about the disintegration of the global arms-control regime and a Russia that is increasingly tied to China. But given that the divide between Russia and the European Union is over fundamental values, there is no reason to think that the relationship can be improved anytime soon. BERLIN – Although the European Union and Russia are part of the same landmass, they don’t have all that much in...   прочети повече

When America’s President Can’t be Trusted (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 29.09.2019   By Kent Harrington   US President Donald Trump's efforts to bury a whistleblower complaint that has been referred to Congress by the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community offers an early indication of what to expect in the 2020 presidential campaign. If US intelligence agencies do not toe Trump's line, they will become Public Enemy #1 for his base.  ATLANTA – The White House is trying to prevent the House Permanent Select Committee on...   прочети повече

New Weapons for the ECB (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 29.09.2019   By Yanis Varoufakis   Continued reliance on European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s weapons will probably succeed in keeping quasi-insolvent states and banks afloat. But it will do so only at the expense of deeper stagnation and uglier political tensions. ATHENS – During his tenure as President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi forged a variety of weapons that he deployed to shield the eurozone from menacing deflationary forces. Without...   прочети повече

An Innovation Agenda for Europe (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 28.09.2019   By Manuel Muñiz, Marietje Schaake   The European Union has everything it needs to be a global leader in technology and innovation. The EU’s new leadership team should therefore act immediately to create a strong innovation ecosystem, complete the digital single market, and robustly defend free, open, and rules-based competition. BRUSSELS/MADRID – The European Union’s new leadership team must reform and deepen the bloc and strengthen its global...   прочети повече