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View from Latvia: Is the EU Failing us?

България, балканите и света 17.03.2021   By Eugene Matos de Lara   On the historic date of March 08th – International Women’s Day, a large number of international affairs specialists gathered for the second consecutive summit in Vienna, Austria. This leg of the Vienna Process event titled: “Europe – Future – Neighbourhood at 75: Disruptions Recalibration Continuity”. The conference, jointly organized by four different entities (the International Institute for Middle East and Balkan...   прочети повече

Why Europe’s Digital Decade Matters (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 13.03.2021   By Margrethe Vestager and Josep Borrell   Now that digitalization has become the driving force of the modern economy and even a critical factor in today's geopolitics, there is an urgent need for more democratic governance over technology. With its vision of a "digital decade," Europe intends to lead the way, in close partnership with its allies. BRUSSELS – This week, the European Commission presented its vision for a European “digital...   прочети повече

Trinity for Scrutiny: Council of Europe, Human Rights instruments and Citizens

България, балканите и света 12.03.2021   By Nora Wolf   Building on the tasteful piece written recently by Commissioner Dunja Mijatovic, this article will endeavour to explore further why the Tromsø Convention(Norwegian International Convention on Access to Official Documents)[1], although adopted more than a decade ago, is in fact deserving of much more credit and fuss than it appears to have mustered so far. To briefly catch everyone up, the Council of Europe (CoE) adopted in 2009 a Convention on...   прочети повече

Is Turkey returning to the old electoral system?

България, балканите и света 01.03.2021   By IFIMES President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated at the press conference on 1 February 2021 that preparations have started to draft the new constitution. “ It is time for Turkey to discuss a new constitution again,” he said noting that “the source of the problem in Turkey since 1960 is the constitution made by putschists.”  All political parties agree that the 1961 and 1982 constitutions were written after...   прочети повече

Council of Europe fightsfor your Right to Know, too

България, балканите и света 28.02.2021   By Eugene Matos de Lara and Audrey Beaulieu    “People have the right to know what those in power are doing” Dunja Mijatovic Council of Europe, Commissioner for Human Rights. Access to information legislation was first seen in 1766 in Sweden, with parliamentary interest to access information held by the King. Finland in 1951, the United States in 1966, and Norway in 1970 also adopted similar legislation. Today there are 98 states with access laws;...   прочети повече

Military coup in Myanmar - responses in geopolitical context

България, балканите и света 27.02.2021   By Matthias E. Leitner   Executive Summary The recent military coup in Myanmar has baffled many observers as unresolved tension from the country’s long military rule have resurfaced just after a landslide victory of the NLD party led by Aung San Suu Kyi. International reactions run a risk of repeating a formula employed against previous juntas while the ground has shifted since the opening of Myanmar to the wider world in 2011. The stakes are high for preventing the...   прочети повече

The EU Sputnik Borrell in Moscow:An aftermath, of Diplomacy

България, балканите и света 13.02.2021   By: Tomislav Jakić   After almost unanimous assessment of the Western media and analysts (one would be inclined to conclude they are “gleichgeschaltet”, modeled on the methods of Nazi master of propaganda Goebbels ), a visit to Moscow of the EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Joseph Borrell, was – depending on the author – a failure, a fiasco, a disgrace. And it was, indeed. But not by the criteria applied by Western...   прочети повече

Criminal Law in the EU and the Right to a Fair Trial

България, балканите и света 12.02.2021   By Carlos López-Veraza Pérez   “We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants today is the record on which history will judge us tomorrow. To pass these defendants a poisoned chalice is to pot it to our lips as well”.    1. Introduction  Trials are the way to avoid injustices, but the fairness of criminal proceedings will depend on what is meant by the concept of justice. The roots of rights in...   прочети повече

Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, et al. on Multilateral Cooperation for Global Recovery (project-syndicate)

България, балканите и света 07.02.2021   EMMANUEL MACRON, ANGELA MERKEL, MACKY SALL, ANTÓNIO GUTERRES, CHARLES MICHEL, URSULA VON DER LEYEN   PARIS – In September 2000, 189 countries signed the “Millennium Declaration,” shaping the principles of international cooperation for a new era of progress toward common goals. Emerging from the Cold War, we were confident about our capacity to build a multilateral order capable of tackling the big challenges of the time: hunger and...   прочети повече

Проф. Ваня Добрева: Перспективите пред лявото движение и ситуацията в БСП (Поглед.инфо)

България, балканите и света 26.01.2021   Интервю на Георги Пирински с проф. Ваня Добрева   - Какво представлява марксисткият мироглед – „наивно исторически материализъм“ или обективно обоснован подход? - Аз съм филолог и вероятно няма как да отговоря на зададените въпроси с езика и...   прочети повече